TopXNotes Testimonials

Here is what some of our customers are saying about Tropical Software:
Steve Emmett from Windermere, Florida writes:

"I've been a user of TopXNotes (and it predecessor) for about 3 years. I originally purchased the product because I had come from a Microsoft environment that provided a rather extensive set of programs that made it very easy to organize and search all the notes I had. TopXNotes caught my eye because of a good review on an Apple user website and I've not looked back since! The primary reason I chose TopXNotes was its ability to group my notes much as you would create directories and subdirectories. I use lots of groups and subgroups with multiple entries. This makes the ability to search for something I know I have but I forgot where I placed it very important.

When I first started using TopXNotes, you could sync your desktop notes with an iPod. This was convenient but did mean that I always had to edit my notes from my desktop. The latest versions of TopXNotes allow you to sync to iPods as well as iPhones. Being able to sync to the iPhone is extremely convenient - you can now create notes on the iPhone and have them synced to your desktop. Using TopXNotes has become second nature because it is so easy to use. TopXNotes is my primary note taking application. I wholeheartedly recommend TopXNotes!!"
Nancy from Hollywood, California wrote:

"I LOVE your is wonderful and amazing....thanks for your time and for making such a cool product....I use it every day to note so many things; things I have to do....serial numbers for products I buy...copies of internet receipts for things I buy, favorite websites... computer hints and info, favorite recipes, even random info (like the names of our great aunts' cats...and when friends are returning from their vacation... this program keeps me so organized...all my information is right there! I don't have to look through old emails or stacks of papers .. it is one click away...thanks TopXNotes and keep up the good work !"
from Ron from Miami, Florida:

"LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!...I have used other note-type programs and have high regard for the Mac-like feel of your very versatile program, which is what I use now. Your support is also excellent! Best of luck, Ron, Miami"
Christy and Paul write from Maryland write:

"We used Notepad with OS 9 to store miscellaneous information, but were left hanging when OS X discontinued this software. Stickies, as recommended by Apple, was an unsatisfactory alternative. So we searched the web, looking for a suitable substitute and discovered TopXNotes. We downloaded a free trial and immediately fell in love with this elegant software. We use it extensively to organize everything, from credit card and frequent flyer accounts to favorite websites, and the many other things that we are constantly losing or forgetting.

One more thing: when we had trouble with the program (due to a mistake on our part), we emailed the company for support. Within minutes we had an email response from the president of the company who offered to call us from his cell phone to give us advice as he drove to an upcoming appointment. Great software and outstanding service!"
Elmo from Tavares, Florida says:

"Really enjoying your program - it was something I really needed. I love iLife, but TopXNotes is the part iLife left out. Also being able to use it with my iPod is a bonus."
Satisfied customer Robert Vaughan of Spring, Texas wrote us:

"On January 8th another program caused my Mac to crash so that I had to turn it off and back on. My TopXNotes data file was open when I crashed. The first time I opened TopXNotes after the crash I received an error code and the message "Please email Tropical Software Support at" I sent an email to Tropical Software support giving the error code. I got a response the same day. I exchanged a few emails with them that day giving information about the version of TopXNotes, the Mac OS version and other data. By the end of the day they had sent me instructions on retrieving my data. With this I was able to retrieve data file I had saved 30 minutes before the crash. I also found out TopXNotes saves the last ten copies of my data. No wonder they can support their product so quickly--they do the backups for me. I've never had such quick and accurate support from a software company before. Maybe they'll start a trend."