Classic iPod System Requirements for TopXNotes

TopXNotes supports what are now called "classic iPods". The classic iPod export feature requires a 3rd generation or newer classic iPod. If an iPod has an LCD and Dock connector, and the Apple Notes Reader is installed (which it is by default on those iPods that have the notes feature), the TopXNotes export feature should work with that iPod.

For help on troubleshooting iPod issues, please see our iPod Tech Notes.

HISTORICAL NOTE: For a time we offered TopXNotes only. Later we introduced TopXNotes iPod as a separate product. Starting with version 1.4, the functionality of TopXNotes iPod has been included in TopXNotes. If you own an older version of TopXNotes or TopXNotes iPod upgrade now to get all the functionality of TopXNotes iPod at no extra charge. If you own a version of TopXNotes iPod, you will continue to enjoy classic iPod compatibility as well as the new features included in the latest version of TopXNotes.