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Nine Reasons TopXNotes beats Apple Notes

For every release TopXNotes has been unmatched in comparison with Apple Notes. Here are 9 reasons why TopXNotes still beats Apple Notes as an organizing tool.

1. macOS

The first reason to choose TopXNotes is that the newest Apple features are only available on the latest release of Apple Notes running only on Sierra. A table showing the versions of Apple Notes available for each macOS version follows:

In addition to not being able to use the same version of Apple Notes on each OS release, the following features of TopXNotes are not available in Apple Notes:

NoteOrganizer Categories

2. NoteOrganizer Categories

Organize your notes using powerful TopXNotes features, including our NoteOrganizer, Groups and Categories features. Then use the NoteOrganizer indexing features to quickly find your way around. Identify every note with a category that you create by selecting a name, color and icon. Apple Notes has no such information organizing system.
View and MultiView

3. View and MultiView

View one, two, or as many notes as you like with TopXNotes unique MultiView system. Apple Notes has no multiple note display and editing system.
MultiView Toolbar

4. MultiView Toolbar

A sliding text/format toolbar that is always where you are typing. Apple Notes has no text tools that slide into place when and where needed.

5. QuickNotes menu- Instant access from the desktop!

QuickNotes is an "always on top" window with a menu containing your "Top 10 Notes" always available for rapid easy access. Apple Notes has no facility for quick note access.

6. Dual-Level Encryption

Our dual-level encryption provides just the right balance between usability and security to keep prying eyes at bay. Apple Notes does not have dual-level encryption.
Safe Sync

7. Cloud-Free WiFi Safe Sync

TopXNotes stores NOTHING in the iCloud! Notes from TopXNotes on your Mac can be synced to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch on your own safe, secure, encrypted home or small business WiFi network. Apple Notes does not support local WiFi Safe Sync.
Safe Sync

8. Free Samples and Templates

TopXNotes ships with over 100 Samples and Templates to get you started getting organized. Apple Notes does not. And, to honor Steve Jobs, there is one more thing.....

9. Extensive Help Built Into TopXNotes

TopXNotes ships with an extensive Help that covers virtually every TopXNotes feature written in simple English you can understand and illustrated with diagrams and screenshots.

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