A Message from our founder James Lee- Why 2Remember?

When you see 2Remember you might be tempted to ask, "Why, with iCal Reminders and Tasks, and many, many other To-Do and task programs, why would I want 2Remember?" To me the answer is simplicity itself and I don't mean that the answer is simple. I mean 2Remember is simple, easy to learn, easy to use, uncluttered, and attractive; everything I want in reminder application.

Don't get me wrong. I use efficiency techniques and approaches, like GTD (Getting Things Done), I use iCal, and, of course, our TopXNotes is the ultimate tool for organizing your notes and Mac life. I have tried many other programs and approaches. But 2Remember is perfect for those top few tasks and errands you want to organize and accomplish today! I have 10 iCal calendars and events flying constantly, plus dozens of project related ToDo lists in TopXNotes. But with 2Remember I can have my top 5-10 items, with reminders if I need them, right on the desktop when I need them, and just off-screen when I move to another program. To me it is a perfect light weight app that stays out of the way unless or until I need it, then there it is at my fingertips.

We hope you will try 2Remember and find it as indispensable as we do for your top priorities.

Make 2Remember a part of getting organized today.

Thanks for your continued support of our products and keep the great ideas and feedback coming. I personally read all feedback and many of your great ideas have made their way into TopXNotes or another of our products. So feel free to write us with your ideas and thoughts. They are most welcome and appreciated.


James H. Lee, Jr.
Tropical Software, Inc.

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2Remember is Mac OS X Lion Compatible

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