TopXNotes Update 1.8 with NoteSync

TopXNotes 1.8 now features WiFi note sync to Apple touch devices including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. TopXNotes 1.8 builds on TopXNotes 1.5 completely reimagined, easier to use, user interface, with a completely rewritten note organizer, new title bar toolbar with new icon buttons, and many other new or improved features.

TopXNotes 1.8 is a free update to TopXNotes 1.5 (your version 1.5 key should just work). TopXNotes 1.8 is a paid upgrade to all other licensed versions (prior to 1.5) of TopXNotes. Please click below to purchase an upgrade.

NOTICE: Note you must be a an existing customer with a license to a previous version to purchase the upgrade at this special discounted price and will need a valid serial number from a previous version to upgrade.

Why a Paid Upgrade?

TopXNotes 1.5 was our first paid upgrade in over 3 years of development. Now, with many months of development to include WiFi sync we think it is an appropriate price for the new features created.

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NEW FEATURES SUMMARY (Combined 1.5 and 1.6)

  • Sync to Apple touch devices
  • Modern taller titlebar area
  • Completely customizable and configurable toolbar
  • Completely rewritten NoteOrganizer with striped background
  • New note icons in left column for drag selection
  • Category icons, name and color all in Category column

CHANGED FEATURES SUMMARY (Combined 1.5 and 1.6)

  • New QuickNotes icon
  • Lower toolbar replaced by new titlebar toolbar
  • New Sync button in titlebar toolbar
  • All color icons
  • Completely new redesigned icons
  • Two finger scrolling now works in NoteOrganizer
  • Scroll bars adjusted to make text view active when scroll bars are clicked
  • Click here to download the latest version of TopXNotes.

Click here to download the latest version of TopXNotes.