TopXNotes contains features specifically designed for the iPod. These features all are available only if TopXNotes finds an iPod connected BEFORE TopXNotes is launched and if your iPod is mounted as a disk on your desktop.

Enable iPod Disk Use In order to cause your iPod to mount as a disk you must . Then if the features are checked in the new the iPod Preferences tab they will be available.

Using iTunes 7.0 and newer If you are using the latest version of iTunes (7.0 or higher), Enable disk use may be found in the right hand column of the new Device Summary Panel. To see it, run iTunes (7.0 or higher) and click on your iPod in the panel on the left, then check Enable disk use, as shown below.

You will then may have to un-mount from the desktop and maybe even reboot.

Using iTunes before 7.0 If you are not using the latest version of iTunes (7.0 or higher), "Enable disk use" may be found Preferences "iPod" tab. Be sure it is checked.